Why SMPA-5 ?

S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 is an inclusive and influential society where teachers use modern methods and techniques to enhance student understanding that helps cultivate a growth mindset in every child. The meticulous academic program is backed by our active and efficient learning atmosphere, culminating in prosperous and resilient students who are well equipped for future triumph in today’s dynamic world.

S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5’s ongoing pledge to contemporary and challenging educational experiences allows for the quick integration of new methodologies and emerging active learning resources to increase students exploration, creative skills and proficiency.

We have changed the old-fashioned classrooms into centers of knowledge by combining living system method with accustomed techniques of instructions. Participation and engagement of every student is encouraged and ensured, not only in their course work but also with their fellows to deepen their thoughtful analysis and critical thinking skills. This flexible and progressive schooling atmosphere facilitates students and teachers coordinate, innovate and connect existing insight to inventive reasoning.

Teachers as Collaborators

Everyday teachers deliver lectures that trigger the willingness to learn, that investigate each child’s requirements and capability, their passions and skills, and that nurture their productivity.

Our techniques are centered on each child, each experience, and each accomplishment. Our Commitment to innovation allows for the rapid integration of new technologies, backed by solid research, that support our teachers and their efforts to engage students, and to spark their curiosity. Our students are taught to connect what they learn in the classroom to their world, and to the world beyond. Their learning does not stop when they leave our boundaries.

Where you belong

S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 is a place where you belong. S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 is a place where belonging comes with the freedom to step outside comfort zones and try new things. Our dedicated teachers are committed to enabling children to grow into resilient, thoughtful and confident young adults, well prepared for future success in today’s constantly changing world. Our students support each other in and out of the classroom. Senior students act as mentors to our junior students, positive role models are abundant and the engagement of students throughout all grade levels demonstrates the depth of learning and active participation in our academic, athletic and co-curricular programs.

Your child will feel the difference the first time they walk on to our campus. We will all feel pride as they, each in their own way, go on to change the world.

Active Learning Classrooms

By combining traditional methods of instruction with a living systems approach, classrooms have been transformed into creative hubs where students fully participate and engage not only in their course work but with their peers, deepening their intellectual enquiry and critical thinking abilities. These adaptive and dynamic learning environments enable our students and teachers to collaborate, innovate and connect existing knowledge to new thinking.

Co – Curricular Activities and Clubs

In addition to teaching skills geared towards today’s dynamic learner, S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 provides a wide range of programs, clubs and different recreational activities to further their learning, skills and abilities. This includes outdoor education experiences through The Dam Fund Charity and The Tree Plantation Campaign, sports, clubs including robotics, debating, public speaking and leadership opportunities as prefects, ambassadors and house leaders.


For more information on the wide range of programs, activities and clubs offered, visit “Co-Curricular, Clubs and Societies”