Parents – School Relationship

When Parents and School have a strong bond, it benefits children academically and socially. Building a relationship and healthy communication with child’s school is all about getting to know and being involved in your child’s progress.

S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 encourages strong Parents-School Relationship and it is always ensured that parents feel comfortable and welcome to ask questions and discuss problems. We invite parents to speak about and overcome their general insecurities.

There are various ways to contact us.


Parents – Teachers Meetings are considered vital to help parents know more about their child’s academic and behavioral conduct at school. These are organized at least twice a year. However, short one-on-one meetings might also be scheduled as per situation.

Written Notes and Messages

Parents are also encouraged to utilize their child’s school diary as a medium to write down their messages, complaints or queries. It is always ensured to answer the notes in the diaries promptly.

Teachers are also guided by the management to write complaints, messages or notices in students’ diaries and we expect parents to promptly respond to them as well.

Printed Circulars

Occasionally, we communicate with parents through Printed Circulars.

Besides, Parents are always welcome to come to school anytime during school hours to get a meeting schedule with Principal or with the teacher.

Parents can also contact us at,

021-34631747  |

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