Co-Curricular , Clubs and Societies

Recreational Trips and Activities

The relationship between schools and recreation had been established and identified long ago. Physical activity and worthy use of leisure lead to a happier and healthier life. It helps children create pleasant school-life memories with their friends and teachers. We aim to ensure memorable experiences for our students that they cherish later in their lives. Happy memories are retained forever and recreational trips and activities at school are the best way to do this. The smiles in the pictures of our students are the evidences of the time of life that our students had had during all such events.

Sports at S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5

Sports, health and education are heavily connected to each other. Sports are seen as a way to stay healthy and active although its benefits have gone further beyond this.

S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 Sports Club provides our children a platform to channelize their energies in a positive direction. Different sports are played at school-level among the houses. Our qualified sports trainers guide and prepare our athletes throughout the year for our Annual Sports Day.

S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 offers a broad range of team and individual sports for students to participate in and are encouraged to make physical activity a part of healthy lifestyle.

Our teams compete in a variety of sports including: tug-of-war, cricket, basketball, badminton, and soccer.

The benefits of sports go beyond physical health and wellness and are also known to include: health improvement, development of self-confidence and self-esteem, instilling teamwork, leadership and social skills among players and management of brain power and emotions.


Taekwondo is the art of self-defense that originated in Korea. It is recognized as one of the oldest forms of Martial Arts. It is a great way to improve confidence, self- esteem and self – discipline. There are numerous benefits of learning this art which include increasing strength and stamina, improving self-defense and focus, bettering cardio vascular health and flexibility, to mention but a few.

Keeping all its benefits in mind, free of cost Taekwondo Training Classes are introduced.

Our Taekwondo enrolled student body has already started to show a visible improvement in their traits like integrity, perseverance, patience, courtesy and self – control.

As a part of various enrichment programmes of S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5, our students are given the opportunity to join different clubs and societies to further foster their interests and stimulate their desire to explore something new.

Urdu Society

To instill respect and love for our mother tongue, S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5, has created an “Urdu Society” as a vital part of our co- curriculum. Throughout the year, our students are kept engaged in a variety of debate competitions, speech contests, dramas and other stage performances. We strive constantly to develop an interest for “Urdu Adab” in our students.

We take great pride in our contribution, involvement, and focus upon our National Language. This, not only provides our students with a platform to compete at school and inter school levels but also broadens their skills of public speaking.

Science Society

Our Science Society is an innovative, hands-on science programme that is dedicated to provide our student with a chance to explore the wonders of Science.

S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5’s Science Society is a place for those ingenious students who want to learn how Science works. Here they are given some experimental and conceptual information that quenches their thirst for knowledge.

S.M. Public   Academy Campus – 5’s Science Society is infact a channel provided to students to boost better understanding of their surroundings and to make them experience Science beyond and above their curriculum to ensure a smarter and brighter future for them.

Debating Club

At S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5, a Debating Club has been established recently with the sole purpose to improve the critical thinking skills of our students. Debating is a proven way to acquire better poise, speech delivery and public speaking and we believe that exposing children to such platforms at early stage of life is crucial.

English and Urdu Debate Competitions are held throughout the year at school and inter-school level, to establish an environment where kids feel free and more confident to stand up for the truth when a discussion promotes falsehoods or inaccuracies. Moreover, they learn to state their point of view graciously in a gentle manner.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor educational activities are an integral component of the holistic education offered at S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5. These experimental trips provide students an additional level of enrichment that takes them beyond the classroom and provide them with lasting moments. Further to helping students develop a deep respect for the environment, the outdoor education program also aims to enhance students’ life skills and improve self-confidence by exposing them to challenging and adventurous experience and activities.

Our outdoor education enabled our students to participate in a Tree Plantation Project that was collaborated with N.E.D University and instilled in them a thought to preserve the environment. Not only this, we pride in providing them with a platform where they contributed generously in Dam Fund to avert the catastrophic water crisis. This ingrains the habit of pondering like a humanitarian and make sure that their thoughts and outlook are infused with philanthropy.

Take a look at some of the fantastic images to get a glimpse into our excursion.

Field Trips

Field Trips are considered vital to fill the gap between book information and hands-on experience.

At S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5, we carefully plan our excursions because we believe that Field Trips are nothing but an educational experience that our students could never have had in the classroom.

We trust that Field Trips and Excursions can be a great way to retain information and to be involved in visual and practical experiences that later helps them remember, learn and understand subjects. It is a key to encourage curiosity and is an exercise that broadens an individual’s understanding of the surroundings.