What does SMPA-5 stand for ?

SMPA-5 is named after its founder, and it stands for Sardar Mirza Public Academy Campus 5.

Which education system do you follow? Matric or Cambridge?

We follow Matric System.

What Pre-school philosophy do you follow?

In Pre-school, we follow the Montessori System.

What is the student-teacher ratio in the Pre-Primary Sections?

At SMPA-5, individual and personalized attention is our priority. We try to keep the numbers very low, especially at the Pre-primary level in order to ensure good foundational learning. Our Pre-primary students benefit from a small class ratio of 1:18 students and this allows them to have greater experiences, connections, and learning opportunities.

What qualities and qualifications do you look for when hiring teaching faculty?

In addition to their academic credentials, our faculty is chosen for their professional experience in the relevant fields. Our teachers are highly qualified, multi-talented, and dedicated educators who play an integral role in fostering our vibrant learning community. Chosen for the high caliber of their teaching credentials, our teachers possess personal and professional qualities that contribute to the dynamic learning model that we offer at S.M. Public Academy Campus-5. The strong relationship that is forged between our students and teachers is a testament to their dedication and professionalism.

What is the admissions process for Pre-School, Primary, and Secondary classes like? What do I need to know to apply?

Applications are welcome throughout the year, however, beginning the process early increases the likelihood of securing a space for your ward. SMPA-5 has a competitive admission process due to its limited enrollment spots. Prospective students must write and pass the entry test for their applications to be considered. Once the student qualifies the test, the student and the parents are invited for an in-person interview. Admissions are awarded based on merit and availability of seat.

Does SMPA-5 offer fieldtrips and excursions?

Field trips are a vital component needed to fill the gap between a child’s in-class learning and practical hands-on experience. At SMPA-5, we carefully plan our excursions because we believe that field trips are an important educational experience that our students would not get in the classroom. We believe that these excursions are a great way for students to retain information and help them learn and understand the subject matter in greater detail. During a child’s developing years, it is important to encourage curiosity of their surroundings. Extracurricular activities and field trips provide a channel for reinforcing the lessons learnt in the classroom and offer students the opportunity to apply academic skills in a real-life context.

What is your building/classroom environment like (cleanliness, ventilation, class size, etc.)?

SMPA-5 was designed to enhance the overall learning potential of each student. Several considerations have been kept in mind when designing and building the school including, accessibility, aesthetics, functionality, productivity, security, and sustainability. We believe that creating a safe, positive and welcoming classroom environment is the key to effective learning and teaching. Thus, special care has been taken to make the classroom a fun place to be in. From the selection of the colors, to the arrangement of desks, everything is selected to influence students’ classroom behavior in a positive way. The classrooms are cozy, airy, and spacious. Walls are decorated well so that children’s interest is kept intact throughout the day.

Which publishers are part of your academic curriculum?

All of the leading publishers are part of our academic curriculum. At SMPA-5, we ensure the quality of the subject matter provided in books is holistic and authentic.

Do you have Computer and Science labs?

SMPA-5 is equipped with well-designed and fully functioning laboratories and computer labs. These labs add a fun and interactive learning element for students.

Is SMPA-5 Co-ed?

At SMPA-5, we have adopted a co-educational system. By providing co-educational learning, our aim is to develop mutual respect, healthy competition, and promote character development. Our teachers are trained to prevent any objectionable interaction and avoid any undesirable situations.

Does SMPA-5 operate on a semester system, or a year-long academic program?

We offer a year-long academic program, divided into Mid-term and Final-term, focusing on the basic needs of the matric stream.

Can parents get a school tour?

Yes, parents are allowed to get a school tour once they schedule an appointment. During the admissions process, we provide an opportunity to our parents to fully explore the school. We also have parent-teacher meetings and open houses that allow parents to stay up to date on their child’s learning and development.

What types of clubs and co-curricular activities are offered at SMPA-5?

SMPA -5 offers a wide range of programs, clubs and recreational activities to enhance its students’ learning, skills and abilities. These include outdoor education experiences through the ‘Tree Plantation Campaign’, sports, clubs and societies including ‘Robotics’, ‘Debating’, ‘Public Speaking’ and leadership opportunities such as prefects, ambassadors and house leaders.

How do you focus on the personality development of the students?

Our goal at SMPA-5 is to foster a deeper level of thinking and encourage the development of each individual student. Our approach in learning goes far beyond just giving and receiving knowledge. We encourage our students to challenge theories, concepts, and facts while developing higher levels of individual strategies of inquiry and communication. At every grade level, we compel students to express themselves with thoughtful intent, to be inclusive, to foster and encourage a global outlook, and to promote social responsibility. We strive to enhance, strengthen, and enrich students’ educational experiences and to help them reach their full potential with integrity and character.

How do you improve the English conversion skills of students?

SMPA-5 provides sensory experiences that help boost language development. Improving the communication skills of a child has an incredibly positive impact on his/her self-esteem and is a crucial part of development. Therefore, we have proper English Conversation Interactive sessions that allow students to express themselves and boost their language and communication skills.

Do students need private tuition alongside the school?

We are totally committed to providing personal attention and support through every step of your child’s educational journey. Therefore, no private tuitions are either required or encouraged by our school.

Does SMPA-5 provide transportation service for its students?

SMPA-5 does not provide a transportation service. In order to facilitate this process, we have a list of suggested vendors that parents can reach out to in order to set up a transportation service. Please note that the school does not interfere in the dealings between parents and vendors.

Why should we choose SMPA-5 over other schools?

SMPA-5 is more than a school. It is a dynamic and inclusive community where teachers facilitate learning by creating real world connections and nurturing a growth mindset in students. Our rigorous academic program is supported by our active and collaborative learning environment, resulting in successful and resilient students who are well prepared for future successes in an ever changing society.

How has the previous SSC Examination result for the school been?

Our students have achieved distinguished results over the decades. SMPA-5 is well-known for achieving remarkable results in the SSC examination. Please find the past position holders in SSC Examinations here.