Academic Program

At all grade levels S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 curriculum meets all the requirements of the Board of Secondary Education Sindh guidelines and surpasses them through the enrichment of signature programs, activities and initiatives.

S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 is proved to be an institution that starts to equip its students with the tools of success. The education at S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 is categorized into three sections;

Pre-Primary Section

Students at S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 are offered Pre – Primary Years Program from Pre- Nursery to Kindergarten. Montessori Educational Method has been adopted to teach our students in their beginning years. Our Pre-Primary Program provides a safe, engaging and nurturing environment for the students. It promotes trust in themselves and their world which results in the development of confidence in their emerging abilities. Students are involved in co-curricular activities which are best to develop gross motor co-ordination, fine motor skills and languages skills.

Primary Section

The Primary Section comprises of classes from Grade 1 to Grade 5. The course is planned to aim the development of each child’s potential to the fullest, encourage a love of learning and help children in developing their skills. The main focus at this stage is to groom children’s personality alongside preparing them to choose a career for them. This ensures firm foundation for further education and necessary knowledge.

Secondary Section

The Secondary Section, the third stage of education at S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5, includes classes from Grade 6 to Grade 10. The aim at this stage is to prepare every child fully for the Secondary School Certificate Examination. We pride in achieving excellent results every year. The main objectives of Secondary Education at S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 include mental, social, moral, spiritual and physical development, enhancing the understanding and respect of own and other people’s opinion, faith, creed, and culture. We also promote love for and loyalty to the nation. Our students develop into a self-disciplined individuals who not only excel at education but are also an asset for the society.