SMPA–5 Difference

S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 is not just another school: We produce citizens who are assets for our country.

At S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 you will observe that children are taken as individual personalities. They are not just taught but are groomed. Our staff connects to the students and make them feel comfortable at school. Which in turn provides our students with a reason to attend school regularly and willingly. We believe that every child is unique and special. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the ever changing world. Our objective is to teach our student in a way that they experience learning in a positive, balanced, and thorough manner so that we can get best results out of our students. Our results vouch for our excellence.

At S.M. Public Academy – 5, we select teachers who have passion to teach and those who put their heart in teaching. We select candidates who have deep subject knowledge. Our teachers make themselves available to all students and they are also well aware if any student needs extra assistance.

At S.M. Public Academy Campus – 5 you will experience:

  • A welcoming and warm community where all are respected.
  • Creation of connectedness, friendships and memories, development of authentic relationships.
  • Outstanding facilities with the latest and innovative active learning classrooms.
  • Dedicated, highly qualified and inspirational teachers.
  • Open communication with parents.
  • Outstanding academic results and intellectual rigor.
  • Opportunities for all student to express themselves.
  • Extensive extra-curricular activities.

At S. M. Public Academy Campus – 5 our goal is to foster the educational approach of every student through every stage of their education.
From Pre  – Nursery to Grade 10, our intention for every child centers on providing a holistic and balanced education, while also preparing them wholly for their future life.